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Whitelisting Applications Will Keep Your Computer System Secure and Your Employees Working Efficiently

If you own or manage an organisation, you know how important it is to have your computers set up in a way that maximises efficiency, keeps security tight, and prevents your employees from installing accidental or purposeful viruses. Most companies use applications that blacklist certain programs or files that are suspected to be unsafe. However, with a whitelisting application, only trusted programs will run on your computers. This maximises security and promotes an efficient workflow for your employees. Application Whitelisting is a great solution for your organisation’s computers, so find a company that offers this service and find out more information today.

How It Works

Application Whitelisting is a proactive solution to keeping your organisation’s computers and servers secure and free from all kinds of viruses. The administrator will establish a list of trusted and allowed applications, which will be the only programs allowed to open on the computer. If a user tries to open any other program, it will be blocked. Traditional anti-virus software works by blacklisting programs that are known to be bad. However, this strategy can allow malicious files to slip through the cracks undetected. Although some Application Whitelisting programs in the past were complicated and difficult to maintain, new improvements in technology has allowed this process to become much more simple and it uses a very small amount of computing power. In addition, Application Whitelisting allows for centralised monitoring over all of the files that your employees open and use. Whitelisting programs are simple and easy to use, and are a great choice for your organisation.

Create Efficient Workflows and Maximise Security

With Application Whitelisting, your employees will only be able to open trusted and approved applications. Therefore, you can effectively control what they are able to do on their computer. Depending on how you set it up, you can know that your employees are wasting less time because they will not have access to some popular time-wasters, like social media for example. Employee’s computers will be more streamlined to their tasks with less distraction. Plus, you can feel much more comfortable about the security of your company’s servers because there is little to no chance that a malware virus could get into your system undetected with whitelisting applications.

If you have been considering ways to maximise your company’s workflows and server security, consider Application Whitelisting. These programs are easy to set up and use these days, and use little computer power. This program will block any programs from running other than the approved list that you put into it. Whitelisting is much more effective than anti-virus programs. If this sounds like a good solution to you, find a company near you that specialises in whitelisting to find out more information today.