In simple terms, this is an online based version of the brick and mortar office. A Virtual office basically does the same functions and activities are done in the physical office, but in cyberspace. This form of office has gained much popularity and has been adopted by entrepreneurs, especially by start-up business owners in recent times due to the high cost of securing and maintaining an office space. A virtual office may not have the 8 to 4pm work cycle but, it for sure allows optimal productivity and makes it possible for anyone to work just from any part of the world.

This form of office as well comes with a lot of other corporate and worker advantages such as no financial burden incurred on buying or leasing a building, no furniture and employment expenses on taxes and insurance are also reduced. This is because a virtual business entity can afford to hire only independent contractors to meet its activities instead of employing permanent employees, as is the case in most physical offices. There is also no limitation to work schedule as workers can stay at home and deliver the same quality of work as they would if working from the office since the same computing power is at their disposal. The hassles of commuting which also comes as a challenge to workers are eliminated, thus maximising productivity. Their work rate and productivity are also better evaluated, not on how they are able to produce it but on the type of work they deliver.

A virtual office runs with the aid of virtual office personnel. These include the receptionist, customer care assistants, virtual sales persons and all other positions requisite for its proper functioning. Although the use of a virtual office is greatly hinged on the type of business and level of physical activity that needs to be done, this cyberspace option has been able to solve the financial dilemma of most start up business owners in acquiring an office space.

Even though a virtual office has oodles of positives to take home, there are quite a few draw backs of using a virtual office.  Facial expression and lots of cues which could have been possible in face-to-face contact are missed in a virtual run office using emails, and phone conversations. In addition to the fact that messages can be misinterpreted due to lack of tone.

Regardless of these drawbacks, nonetheless, the comfort and convenience of a virtual office and ease of expansion without needing much supplies and facilities make it a decent operational form for businesses and start up entrepreneurs in today’s business world.