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Using HGV CCTV Safety Systems

If you are associated with HGV lorries, whether as a fleet manager or an actual driver, it is becoming more and more important to have recording devices placed across them for a variety of reasons, with some of the most common being:

  • Accidents – There are plenty of accidents occurring on our roads these days, and nobody is safe from them, not even HGV Drivers. Having CCTV can provide crucial evidence when it comes to seeing who was in the wrong during an accident and clear up any misunderstanding or untruths that may be told.
  • Unwanted passengers – Possibly more common abroad than over here in the UK, but this can happen to any HGV Driver. Take the increase in migrants trying to get across to the UK from France – there are plenty of break-ins to HGV trucks via the curtains being ripped, people clinging on underneath, and so on.  With the penalties for bringing these people back across the border into the UK there are penalties for both companies AND their drivers which can make it a very expensive trip should you fail to realise there are unwanted people onboard (whether you genuinely knew about it or not), it could save you thousands of pounds to have CCTV fitted as you have a much higher chance of seeing what is happening.
  • Overall Safety – Depending on the type of CCTV that you have it can also help keep you safe personally. If the CCTV camera for HGV lorries shows you inside of your cab and this can be related back to the company you are working for, they can ensure your safety, and by the same token they can also ensure that you are following all of the company protocols as you are expected to do so.

HGV’s are at risk of things happening to them more so than cars as there are a lot of trucks and trailers that spend varying amounts of time away from home.  Some stop on the roadside, some stop off at proper truck stops, but being out on the road away from home can leave you vulnerable to attack or things happening to your truck and / or trailer so it is really a great investment to get CCTV systems fitted.  It may cost a lot up front, but it will cover itself in the savings that it could provide in the future.

Traffic Angel offer some of the very best HGV Safety Systems around and they are approved suppliers to organisations including TfL, FORS and RHA.  They have a host of multi-camera recording packages available and suitable for HGV’s, and offer a price promise too.