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Online Game Scams have become predominant in present times

The money made doesn’t have anything to do with the efforts of a man but depends on pure luck. This luck has helped people make future for them but loads have been shattered from the curse of lottery. However, nowadays making money with the help of lotteries is not a difficult thing to do, but it is also important to realise the risks of loss and fraud associated with it.

  • Lottery is actually investing some money in hopes in lieu of gaining huge profit. People buy lottery tickets which in a way is a way of investing money and accordingly a winner or multiple winners are selected randomly using a method which ensures fair selection.
  • Even though random method is selected but still a high rate of poor souls loses wealth.
  • Nowadays Internetlottery is becoming more prevalent among the lottery lovers which are leading to high number of frauds especially in India. Some ways in which lottery scam takes place are discussed below;

Frauds with people buying lottery tickets

The most convenient and easy way a lottery is bought is in form of lottery tickets. People buy lottery tickets putting in a huge amount of money in expectation of a larger profit. More the invested money, higher will be its winning payoff. But it comes with its own share of risks involving not only losing but also the scams taking place. Sometimes instead of earning, organising committee announces a false winner or not even announces a winner as a result, the organisersof the lottery run away with the money as seen in many cases especially in India.

Spams appearing on the screen while Surfing Internet

While browsing web pages over the internet it is observed certain pop up window appears suddenly claiming the one seeing it has won a huge lottery in that instant. These are fake spamming taking place all over the internet these days, which when opened, tries hacking your system and all your personal details gets exposed to hackers sitting in wait for it.

Email related lottery scams

Emails are sent to various email addresses, wherein email states that the recipient has won in an Internet lottery and winners are requested to send their personal details even including their bank details. Some money is also been asked to transfer from their bank account for verification of the winner. These fake emails are intended to make fool of the people which forces them to share their personal information and losing their lifelong earnings thus causing hardship in their lives.

Earlier only lotteries were a root cause for the pain and despair of the money lost by people. But now growing lottery scams are making many more people suffer in their normal lives and the major reason behind it is greed of the people who crave to earn more and more, however in all this they tend to forget that someone can make a fool out of this leading to huge capital and financial loses.

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