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Movavi Slideshow Maker Review

Have you ever created a slideshow in the past, and if so – how? Nowadays there are several ways to create slideshows, but to compile one and make it look good with all the normal bells and whistles often takes time. If you’re looking for an easier way to create great-looking video slideshows quickly then you should take a closer look at Movavi Slideshow Maker.

As you can undoubtedly guess, Movavi Slideshow Maker specializes in creating slideshows. It is designed to make it a simple and straightforward process, and to start all you need to do is add the photos or videos that you’d like to use as content in your slideshow.

Essentially the photos and videos that you add to Movavi Slideshow Maker will act as slides, and you can quickly arrange them in the sequence that you want them to appear in by dragging them around. If you want you can even process them with the tools that are available, and could split your slideshow into parts and trim out bits you don’t need, merge clips together, improve image quality, or crop, zoom, or rotate frames.

Assuming you’re satisfied with the content in your slideshow, you can then jazz it up with some additional elements. On this front Movavi Slideshow Maker will not disappoint as it will let you choose to:

  • Insert stylish animated transitions individually between slides, or add transitions between all slides automatically with a single click.
  • Include background music by selecting one of the built-in tracks or using your own audio file.
  • Set the slide duration so that it automatically matches the tempo of the background music.
  • Record a voiceover on the spot via a microphone to narrate the slideshow.
  • Apply a variety of different special effects and filters that will alter the visual style and appearance of your slideshow and give it a unique atmosphere.
  • Place unique-looking captions directly into the slideshow.

Of course you will also be able to set up the various other slideshow parameters such as the resolution, slide duration, and so on. When you are satisfied and want to save your slideshow you will be able to choose any video format, or use the presets in Movavi Slideshow Maker to automatically optimize it for a particular device or platform.

To sum it up if you are looking for a way to quickly create attractive slideshows complete with background music, voiceover narrations, special effects, and so on – Movavi Slideshow Maker is a great tool to help you do so. Not only will it give you access to the features that you need, but because it is so easy to use it won’t take you long to apply them and start creating your first slideshow.