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Know about IT support in Edinburgh

Having accessible IT support is vitally important to any business, and many sole traders to boot. Without an effective IT network, most businesses these days will suffer badly, as the recent widely reported cyber-attacks have shown.

Small businesses up and down the country are especially vulnerable to major problems from IT issues of all sorts. They typically lack the staff and finances to fight targeted attacks, maintain 24/7 staff cover and bounce back with resilience from any technological issues.

That’s where specialist Edinburgh IT support companies like Edinburgh-based Vector Cloud come in. The last thing a small business owner needs is for their infrastructure or website to be knocked offline. The implications can be huge, and could even cost the owner their business in the worst case scenario. Companies such as Vector Cloud offer accessible IT support and managed services to those companies too small to affordably recruit specialist staff.

Typically, a managed support service has a team of engineers on hand to assist customers with all manner of IT issues. Those companies or freelancers who work solely with small businesses are uniquely placed to help with the specific issues a newer business will face. They will understand the great impact that any downtime will have on business continuity and productivity. They will also be aware of the potentially crippling problems caused by server failure or a hacking attack. These specialist engineers are fully Microsoft certified and will offer 24-hour support regardless of the time of year. Speedy response times are essential, so locally based staff are likely to be used for site visits, while remote fixes from helpdesk staff or telephone callbacks to gain further information are also common break-fix tactics.

Cloud computing is a potential lifesaver for a small business. A realtime backup in the cloud means that the business can continue to operate while the engineer works on fixing the issue with the physical kit. An effective backup can reduce costs associated with downtime and therefore increase profitability at a key time for any small business. For those sole traders and freelancers who cannot yet afford to upgrade crucial kit, a cloud-based operation can be the difference between winning business by meeting deadlines despite everything, or losing work, archives and contacts when an elderly piece of technology fails unexpectedly.

In addition to flexibility of service provision, IT support for small businesses typically offers flexible contracts. Small businesses can choose to pay annually or monthly, and can opt for differing levels of hired IT support, depending on whether they need hosting services, break-fix assistance or both.

No matter which option the small business owner chooses, hiring IT support will offer peace of mind that business continuity (and hence potential profits) are less likely to be dented when things go wrong. This is not just a problem unique to Edinburgh, home of many successful small businesses, but applies across the country.