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A Guide to Charging the Cars of the Future

  • What dose our motoring future have in stall?

Well, numerous would argue that the future is already upon us! We are talking ‘electric cars’, and yes, they are already on our streets.

However, the ideal future will deliver a world absolutely devoid of carbon emitting transport.

Carbon dioxide has become a scourge upon our environment. We all know that it has weakened the ozone layer and it is responsible for thousands upon thousands of premature deaths and untold illnesses.

At long last governments, car manufacturers and various entrepreneurs are heeding the long held convictions of vociferous environmentalists and health experts that carbo dioxide is a dangerous pollutant.

It’s time for an overhaul of the car industry; the revolution has begun!

  • What are the benefits of electric cars?

The first obvious benefit is the undoubted improvement in the quality of air we breathe and the healing of our protective ozone layer. Now, that alone should be incentive enough to accelerate production of the electric car?

It’s a known truth that industry is driven by the need to make profit. We consumers are, however, counter-intuitive, we demand value for money!

This conflict in interests can be overcome via mass production of any product, mass production drives prices down; so it’s in everyone’s interest to get production rolling. And by ‘everyone’ I include our friend the fragile environment.

There is another immediate benefit to owning an electric car, and that’s the cost of ‘electric fuel’; it’s far cheaper to charge a battery than fill a tank up with petrol or diesel.

So, buy an electric car and;

  1. Help to drastically cut down our carbon footprint
  2. Save money!
  • It’s time to plug in!

We have the technology, we have the electricity! So it’s full steam ahead. Perhaps not the most appropriate analogy.

Electric cars are here in one form or another. Currently an all-electric vehicle will probably do in excess of 300 miles on one charge. And, all you need to is tap into your domestic electricity supply.

It’s as easy as plugging in a kettle, you could use the existing three pin plug system. Although, this is certainly not advisable!

There are specialist companies offering home-based solutions for your car charging activity. Safety approved charging points can be added almost anywhere on the property or in the garage. Outside points can be locked to prevent electricity theft.

Standard chargers will fully charge a car battery overnight; faster charging units are available.

  • In conclusion

Now is the time to investigate the possibility of buying and electric car, or at the very least a hybrid vehicle with a combo of combustion engine/electric power.

However, as battery technology advances cars will no doubt run and run for countless miles before requiring a new charge. With new innovations and the proliferation of charging points on our highways the electric car revolution is truly set to bring a breath of clean air to our blue planet.

Time to future-proof your home by installing a charging point! For further information on car electric power points visit the ISO ENERGY website.