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How To Build A Strong Brand With The Right Web Design

A website will often be the first time your customers interact with your company, so it’s important that it reflects your brand. This is far more than just a case of making sure the logo appears in the top corner of every page. Here are some things to consider when creating a brand with your website.


If your brand was a person, what characteristics would it have? Is this a high-tech website for a professional web development company in London or a fun website promoting a man who makes balloon animals for children’s parties? Images, colour choice and text all combine to bring across your site’s personality

Tone of Voice

How does your website convey information? Is it formal, funny or understated? How you say things is almost as important as what you say. Pick three principles and make sure all your copy conforms to them.


Different colours have different meanings. Red promotes passion and anger, green is relaxing and evokes images of nature, while blue is an appetite suppressant so should be avoided if you are setting up a business that sells food.

Mission Statement

If you are a professional web development company in London, then you need to make that clear on your homepage – this should be a short and simple statement that describes exactly what you do, placed as close to your logo as possible.


It’s no good coming up with all of the above if you can’t apply it across your site. Brands only work when they are consistent, which is why every Coca-Cola can is the same shade of red with the same font on it. You can use templates and CSS to keep styles similar automatically. If you aren’t sure how this works, it’s worth consulting a professional web development company in London.


At the end of the day, whatever your business is, there are probably 100 other companies out there that do the same thing. Your website needs to reflect your unique selling point. Whether you are the fastest, the cheapest, the best, the smallest, the most environmentally friendly, the nicest, the most local or the one with the memorable animal mascot, your site needs to get that key point across on every page.